BQR - Combat switch for "black ships"

    Tuesday, 20. June 2017

    With the latest generation of the MIL certified BQR monitors, Baytek provides an important contribution for the safety of crew, ship and cargo.

    Protection by darkening the light sources

    In many situations, the crew have to capture the complete light sources of the ship in seconds. After that, the ship visually disappears and turns into a so-called "black ship". Switching off or standby mode for the monitor would be counterproductive, because the device would then have to be rebooted again. Important data, parameters and time were lost.

    Now, Baytek has succeeded in generating a new property in the BQR monitor series, which perfectly meets this safety requirement.

    Black at the touch of a button

    The BQR monitors can be switched to 0% dimming by pressing the combat switch button. Thus, the screen is completely black and also the control buttons do not longer fluoresce. By pressing the switch again, the picture is again in the preset brightness.