CCFL vs. LED backlights - Baytek go Green

    Wednesday, 25. March 2015

    Baytek is switching the backlight from CCFL to LED.

    We would like to inform you today about the user benefits and the benefits for our planet and and nature:

    If product updates are necessary, the environmental aspect should always also have an important advantage.

    We always implement extremely durable high-tech components with perfect repair and / or replacement options for our products. The more efficient use of resources has always been an integral part of the company profile.

    The conversion of CCFL lamps to LED backlights has increased efficiency and lifespan of the monitors, because the main consumer of electrical energy for TFT displays are the backlight.

    With large screen diagonals, the proportion is up to 90% of the total power consumption of a monitor. In contrast, with the use of LED backlights, it is possible to reduce this consumption by half.

    Also, the heat dissipation of the device is reduced, which in turn detuetet that less power / energy for cooling the device by the fan operation is needed. This effect also extends the life cycle and the general MTBF time automatically.

    The disposal of LED diodes is also many times easier and more environmentally friendly.