BQR 1021 - EOL

    Rugged 21.3“ Data Monitor for MIL Applications

    EOL - availability on request. Please contact our sales department.

    The BQR flat panel monitors were specially designed for long-term use in harsh conditions. To ensure years of fault-free operation in extremely severe conditions, the rugged chassis protects the electronics inside the monitors, developed using the latest long-life technology. 

    The Amphenol circular connector system used and the extraordinarily high electromagnetic compatibility with other electronic devices are important criteria when the BQR monitor is used in moving objects. 

    For outdoor use, the devices have heating and cooling regulation systems controlled via a microprocessor and a 5 mm mesh glass pane. In addition, the rugged, corrosion-resistant and sea water-resistant aluminum chassis has also been galvanized. 

    The BQR monitors comply with the IP65 protection rating, NEMA 4 and Drip Poof protection rating. They also have the MIL 461 and MIL 810 certifications.

    Lüfterlos / No Fan

    Hohe Helligkeit / High Brightness


    MIL Klassifizierung / MIL Graded

    Wide Dimming

    Wide Temperature Range

    Design Monitor for Console & Rack Mounting, Monitor for Tripod Mounting, Rugged Monitor for Tripot/Console & Rack Mounting
    Panel Size 21,3" TFT Display
    Resolution UXGA (1600x1200)
    Aspect ratio 4:3
    Highlights Auto-phase, Auto-scaling, Auto-tracking, Heated/coated mesh protection glass, Frontside arranged OSD keyboard, Customized variants available, Mechanically protected connetors area, Microprocessor-controlled heating/colling control, MIL spec connectors, Aluminium chassis, Wide range backlight dimming
    Options Front handles, Bonded display, Customizied RAL paint finish, Allover IP65 protection, High brightness display, Touch screen, Video connectors, PIP
    Power Supply 18-36 VDC power supply (DC24)